Leading workplace transformation

Published on : 11/16/21
  • Accelerating change in all business sectors, the pandemic has significantly impacted the ways of working of millions of people.

    Business and government leaders have been faced with new challenges and must search for effective and efficient solutions. Employees are now in search of flexibility and hybrid collaborative working modes. Employers need to combine well-being at work and performance to secure employee loyalty and increase engagement.

    Establishing trust and confidence for a safe return to the workplace

    Our clients trust us to redesign their workspaces to make them flexible, dynamic and modular, and to reinvent employee experience, enhancing employee well-being as well as boosting performance and innovation.

    Our Medical Advisory Council offers a technical orientation and validates health and safety protocols across our services, calling upon the expertise of Bureau Veritas to certify the quality level of our procedures and services such as disinfection to contactless services. 

    Supporting multiple clients to reinvent their consumer experience across multiple workplace types:

    • At Binghamton University in Vestal, New York, our range of expertise has improved the environment and student engagement while generating substantial savings.
    • On remote sites, smart glasses now make remote maintenance possible, while the app MyWay, used from mining sites in Australia to offshore platforms in the North Sea, is devoted entirely to users’ daily needs. 
    • At hospitals, we use artificial intelligence in our predictive analysis program Experiencia to assist care teams with time and stress management.
    • Circles, Sodexo’s concierge services, has strengthened its digital offerings designed to support employee engagement wherever they are.

    “66% of company CEOs plan to change the layout of their workplaces and improve their employee experience.” 2021 Microsoft Work Trend Index

    Optimizing workplaces for enhanced efficiency and employee well-being 

    Sodexo’s corp-up, Wx.Company, is helping organizations adapt their work experience using ethnography, the IoT and data analysis. For example, Wx.Solutions ensures optimum use of space by accommodating 500 additional employees in its existing offices by introducing 3,000 sensors.

    Sodexo and Wx have also developed a SaaS platform, designed to help decision-makers understand the real use of spaces and make it easier to adjust their work environment to the unique needs of each location.

    Vital Spaces: designing hybrid and flexible workspaces 

    Vital Spaces, is a unique approach to designing hybrid and flexible workplaces to meet the specific needs of each organization. This approach includes strategy consulting, workplace design, technical facility management and services for employees as well as digital solutions and data analysis.

    “While traditional Facilities Management and workplace Foodservices have always been a key part of our operations, Vital Spaces takes us even further. We are able to support our clients with a 360° people-focused approach to improve their employees’ day-to-day experience by redesigning their work spaces.” Julie Ennis, CEO Corporate Services, Sodexo UK & Ireland

    With Vital Spaces and the expertise of Wx, we work with each client to design and offer a holistic hospitality solution, based on the analysis of the customer journey.

    “78% of all organizations expect their workplace to be adapted so it can perform additional labor-related functions.” Fit for Future: The impact of Covid-19 on workplace and portfolio strategies – Avison Young UK, HLM Architects and real estate works

    Thanks to the expertise of Circles and Wx, the head office of Sodexo Canada in Montreal, transformed in September 2020. The design was organized around seven essential factors: air, water, movement, light, sound, ambiance and food. The environment was created to stimulate engagement and teamwork, both on and off site, encompassing strict conditions in terms of health and safety while keeping property costs down and prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability.

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