Working with Sodexo is more than a job

Be part of something greater

Working with Sodexo is more than a job; it’s a chance to be part of something greater because we believe our everyday actions have a big impact.

You belong in a company that allows you to act with purpose and thrive in your own way.  

You belong to a team

You belong in a company that values you for you; where you are treated fairly, with respect and can be yourself, where your ideas count and your opinion matters because when you’re happy at work, we can be a stronger team.

"I am so pleased that Sodexo doesn’t see my disability as a barrier to my ability to manage a team and perform efficiently."

Ümit Demirci, Site manager

Bursa, Turkey

You act with purpose

You are motivated to make a difference through your everyday actions. You have the ability to put a smile on the faces of our customers and guests; to support people in your local community; and to contribute to a more positive future. 

“We spend a lot of time getting to know our customers, where they come from and the types of foods they like and miss from home.”

Chinar Jain, Hospitality Manager

Mumbai, India

"We went from serving 4,000 meals a day across our schools to 12,000 meals across the whole city with just half the workforce."

Michael Williams, General Manager

Michigan, United States

You thrive in your own way

We provide all that you need to perform at your best: the tools to do your job well; the opportunity to learn new skills and unleash your potential; and a culture where your health, safety and wellbeing are a priority.

“With my salary I’ve not only been able to pay for my children’s education but also to take my family on vacation as well as to save money to extend my house.”'

Denise Berrios Cadiz, Catering Assistant

Rancagua, Chile

Meet our everyday heroes

  • Katya

    Starting from scratch with the support of my team

    As a refugee from a different country, everything here is different ౼ the social structure, my expectations, everything. But you can’t learn about integrating into a new culture from a textbook. My broader education was on the job, learning at Sodexo.
  • employees talking

    A safe space

    I want to champion employee welfare, foster an inclusive environment and ultimately create a safe space for my employees.
  • Kath

    Lead the change

    I’m Kath Tisdale. My pronouns are they, them, their.” I will always remember saying those exact words on a call with fellow Sodexo employees and being overwhelmed with emotion.