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Future-proofing our food services

John Wright, Senior VP, Global Head of Food, Sodexo
About the author : John Wright

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Food for Sodexo

Published on : 5/14/21
  • Food is a gesture of love. It’s an expression of who we are and what we celebrate. There is no doubt that food brings us together in shared appreciation for fresh ingredients, local farmers and global tastes.

    The past year has been one of rapid change, when we’ve often been unable to come together with large groups of friends physically over a meal. But that doesn’t mean our love of food as a global community has changed. Today, consumers all over the world expect;

    • more personalized food services,
    • authentic and new food experiences,
    • options focused on health and wellbeing,
    • food which has the best interest of our planet in mind.

    55% of executives expect that they’ll continue to work from home, for at least part of the week, for the foreseeable future. It’s clear that the hybrid office that’s emerging from the pandemic is transforming our restaurants, allowing today’s office worker to enjoy their meals inside and outside the traditional restaurant walls with new ways to place and receive their orders.

    As a company, we’ve learnt a lot over the past year and have adapted and expanded our dining options to offer greater choice and convenience to our guest all over the world.

    Delivering food to our guests anywhere

    We want to meet guests where they are, wherever they want to enjoy their meals, and we’ve launched creative solutions for today’s modified work, study and dining spaces. 

    • Our Modern Recipe offers contemporary menu items in smart vending kiosks and shop-and-go retail stores in Belgium, allowing guests to select food on a schedule that works for them. 
    • In the U.S., we’ve created a snack box delivery program that clients can use to recognize the contributions of their employees working from home—it’s filled with innovative snack foods. 
    • For universities, we’re using food-delivery robots that offer convenient, efficient, contactless delivery to students and faculty across campus.

    We’ve also acquired new expertise to ensure our food options are relevant for our guests worldwide.

    • The Good Eating Company, operating in the U.K., Canada and U.S., is passionate about food, from the ingredients that arrive fresh each day to the simple dishes it delivers a few hours later to workplaces and employee homes. Its flex model allows chefs to work on-site or from a central location, offering convenience for guests whose company restaurants are closed but who still appreciate meal choices. 
    • Bright and bubbly London-based Fooditude prepares, cooks and delivers workplace lunches and creates pop-up canteens for special events, adapting quickly to changing market needs. 
    • Nourish offers farm-to-office, vegetable-forward dishes highlighting the best seasonal, organic ingredients available, delivered daily to our clients’ employees both on-site and off-site. Premium off-site kitchens are a timely, delicious solution for many of our clients. 

    Healthy and planet-friendly meals 

    In addition to convenience, many of our guests share our concern for the welfare of our planet and actively want to select food options with a lower environmental impact as well as with health and wellbeing in mind.

    • In Atlanta, we’ve launched virtual restaurants that bring together flavorful and healthy options like bowls and plant-based dishes to provide trendy, fresh food choices, and we’re utilizing compostable bowls to match our commitment to reducing waste. 
    • In Sweden, a new food truck provides an outside-the-box solution for serving guests at one corporate site while its indoor restaurants remain closed. With sustainable menu design as its focus, the food truck meals are creative and thoughtful and have received rave reviews for the international dishes provided by our Global Chef program.

    User-friendly ordering technology

    It’s not enough just to deliver food, the way our guests select their meals has to be intuitive too. We’re keeping guests happy and safe by implementing innovative solutions like self-service food locker pickup sites and scan-and-go technology. At the same time, we have expanded our digital ordering for click and collect as well as click and deliver including contactless payment across our business. 

    Future-proof food

    We understand the need to be on the forefront of innovation and this is why we’re dedicated to creating contemporary ideas and solutions for meeting the evolving preferences of our guests—with more menu choices, more flexibility in ordering and more options for payment and delivery. We share our love of food every day with our guests, and we can’t wait to see how we shape the future of food together.

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    This article was adapted from an article shared on the personal LinkedIn account of John Wright, Senior Vice President Global head of food at Sodexo.

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