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Essential Services Framework

Published on : 3/12/19
  • Sodexo provides global standards and operating procedures for the services we offer our Energy & Resources clients around the world.

    We created the Essential Services Framework, covering dozens of service lines, to improve the consistency of these on-site solutions so our clients can enjoy the same high service levels, commitment to safety, cost efficiencies and predictable value wherever they are.

    Our clients expect predictable value and consistent service levels

    Our Energy & Resources client sites are often in extreme, isolated environments. They look to Sodexo for ways to support their employees’ wellbeing and provide them with everything they need to be comfortable, safe and productive.

    These locations require seamless mobilisation and 24/7 delivery by a trusted partner who can adapt to changes identified through regular site performance reviews and continuous improvement practices.

    Sodexo developed the Essential Services Framework

    Because we understand that better staff wellbeing contributes to performance on the job, we developed the Essential Services Framework. It draws on Sodexo’s global best practice and more than 250 standard operating procedures. Most of all, it means our clients can provide a best-in-class on-site experience for their employees by relying on Sodexo to bring the best of our vast expertise to each and every one of their remote locations.

    The Essential Services Framework covers dozens of service lines across five categories – Comfort for Residents, Infrastructure Services, Catering, Business Support and Welfare - allowing clients the flexibility to pick the ones which are best suited to their location and needs.

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