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SheWorks: 500 people engaged in 20 countries!

Published on : 6/24/19
  • 295 women from communities, 238 ambassadors, 20 countries, more than 10 partners, close to 5 out of 5 stars in response to how valuable was this program, etc… these are the outcomes of SheWorks, the global job shadowing program launched last March for International Women’s Day. SheWorks aimed at connecting women in the community with Sodexo employees in a one-day program to learn about Sodexo’s business and job opportunities. 

    SheWorks partnered with community organizations around the world to identify women who wanted to learn more about Sodexo’s business and paired them with a Sodexo employee who served as a host ambassador to be shadowed for a day at a Sodexo site. 

    Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President Corporate Responsibility and Global Chief Diversity Officer said:

    SheWorks is our opportunity to create a Better Tomorrow by advancing gender balance and fostering inclusion in our communities.  In one day we introduced women to new job opportunities they may not have considered previously.  This helps Sodexo connect to potential talent, but more importantly helps women see new potential for their own economic independence.

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