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Jules Verne Restaurant

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Le Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower is getting a new look

The fully renovated gourmet restaurant, Le Jules Verne, located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower revealed its new look on July 20th for a premiere dinner, 125 meters up in the Parisian sky.

As a symbol of the City of Light and France itself, the Eiffel Tower needed to improve the experience offered to its six million annual visitors. Such was the promise of the partnership with Sodexo's Sports & Leisure segment, which won a ten-year bid last summer.  

The famous Le Jules Verne restaurant, serving as a showcase of French gastronomy, was fully remodeled.  

Jules Verne Restaurant remodel

Its interior design was entrusted to Lebanese architect Aline Asmar d'Amman. In the end, the redecorated space, expanded to provide more seating, was improved especially by raising the central tables to provide customers with a better view. 

The Iron Lady, which celebrated 130 years on March 31st, also improved its restaurant services with the presence of a starred duo who will be supported by our group's resources. 

Thierry Marx and Fréderic AntonThierry Marx, Michelin two stars chef, is at the helm of the to-go counters and the brasserie on the first floor, while three-stars chef Frédéric Anton, is in command of Le Jules Verne. The new gourmet menu emphasizes the best raw materials from France's regions such as crab, truffles, langoustine, farm-raised poultry, and even chocolate. 

Thierry Marx had the idea to create an artisan and producers guild for Paris and Île-de-France for fruits and vegetables. The chef is planning a simple cuisine for the menu, which he would like to "remind you of the ephemeral": roasted chicken with button mushrooms, french toast with apples, and other chef classics according to the season. Aside from the short supply chain, the environmental dimension will also be reflected in waste management as teams will be trained to generate as little waste as possible, in line with Sodexo WasteWatch program

"The Eiffel Tower is a powerful symbol of France for its millions of visitors, whether they come from the far corners of the Earth or around the corner. It increases the reputation of our country and its talents. As part of this essential tourist destination, we want to help reinvent the Eiffel Tower experience to make it a gourmet destination in its own right, and a showcase of French excellence" 

Nathalie Bellon-Szabo, Worldwide General Manager, Sodexo Sports and Leisure 

"As the most emblematic French monument, the Tower embodies the image of elegance and unique savoir-faire that is French excellence. The gourmet experience must match the heights generated by the visit. Le Jules Verne is one of the best illustrations of this." 

Patrick Branco Ruivo, Managing Director of SETE, the company which operates the Eiffel Tower 

"The opportunity to express oneself at the most emblematic French monument is a unique experience in the life of a chef! The complexity of the Eiffel Tower inspires me. It is a magical place - raw and precious at the same time. My cuisine must be a reflection of it. It must embody on the palate this perfect blend between strength and femininity. The good and the beautiful"  

Frédéric Anton, Le Jules Verne chef 

July 26, 2019

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