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Future 50: Satisfying Guests and Protecting the Planet

  • This blog was first published on John Wright's personal LinkedIn account.

    I recently read a sobering statistic: 75% of the world’s food supply comes from just 12 plant and five animal species.

    As you can imagine, this can pose a tremendous risk to our food security and places a great strain on the environment. With more than 20,000 edible plants on our planet, we have an opportunity to change and discover new ways of eating to reduce these concerns. 

    Consumers have similar goals and want to adopt more sustainable diets. 40% say that their purchasing decisions are influenced by how ethical, environmentally-friendly and socially responsible a food product is. Our guests tell us they want more choices that are plant-forward or plant-based and made from ingredients that are simpler, cleaner and traditional.  

    Sodexo has partnered with Knorr Professional and the leading conservation organization WWF on Future 50 Foods, which identified 50 biodiverse, high nutritional value ingredients that are affordable, flavorful, have a low environmental impact and reduce our reliance on animal-based proteins. Our three organizations are the first global food players to develop menus that embrace these ingredients on a large scale.

    It's an exciting opportunity for Sodexo’s chefs to innovate in the kitchen and share our Love of Food in a way that’s also good for the planet. Using consumer insights on plant-based dining, our chefs from across the world collaborated on recipes that incorporate Future 50 ingredients, creating dishes that support our commitments to nutrition, health and wellness, and sustainable sourcing guidelines.  

    The result is 40 recipes that taste amazing and offer our guests the balance and choice they’ve been seeking. The ancient grain amaranth is the real star, appearing in 15 of our dishes, which include many on-trend grain bowls and global flavors.

    It’s terrific to see these dishes in our restaurants across the world, in more than 5,000 locations in Belgium, the United States, the United Kingdom and France, including business and government offices, universities and hospitals. It proves that our corporate social responsibility goals and a successful menu strategy are not exclusive, and that we can in fact increase our guest satisfaction when we incorporate both. It’s one more way that our Love of Food makes a positive impact every day. 

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