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Launching sustainable plant-based recipes in 5,000 kitchens globally

Published on : 9/10/19
  • Today we are proudly announcing that we are launching 40 new plant-based recipes which have been created in partnership with WWF-UK and Knorr Professional in 5000 of our kitchens globally.

    These new recipes contain key ingredients which are not only healthy, flavourful and accessible but are also more sustainable and therefore better for the planet than comparison foods. Read the press release here.

    Why have we created sustainable and plant-based recipes?

    Did you know that 75% of the world’s food supply comes from just 12 plant and five animal species?

    We really want to contribute to a more responsible food system globally and positively impact our consumers around the world by giving diners in our restaurants the option to choose more sustainable meals.

    Knorr and WWF-UK created the Future 50 Foods Report in February 2019 which identifies 50 foods that are both nutritious and have a lower environmental impact. The scientists, nutritionists and agricultural experts who worked on the report looked at both familiar foods, such as lentils, wild rice and kale, as well as lesser-known foods like fonio, pumpkin flowers and cactus. The final list contains only foods which have a lower environmental impact as well as a high nutritional value.

    The 40 global recipes are made up of 22 of these 50 ingredients, our talented chefs in each country use the recipes based on the ingredients which are readily available locally. 

    We are committed to supporting our guests in their journey for a healthy lifestyle, by offering choice through healthy menu options, including plant-based dishes

    Where will these Future 50 recipes be served?

    Did you know that despite there being between 20,000 and 50,000 discovered edible plants, only 150 to 200 are regularly eaten by humans?

    The initial roll-out of these new recipes includes more than 5000 locations in Belgium, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. The kitchens creating these new sustainable and plant-based meals will include businesses, government offices, universities and hospitals.

    Recipes will later roll out to additional countries globally, ultimately aiming to give sustainable recipe options to the guests we serve worldwide. 

    Watch the video below to find out more about this initiative: 


    Is this a first for Sodexo?

    Did you know that total agriculture accounts for around a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, of which approximately 60 percent is due to animal agriculture?

    We are delighted to be sharing these recipes globally and on such a large scale. For us it’s a natural next step following a series of initiatives to provide our guests with more responsible food choices around the world.

    Last year we launched 200 plant-based meals in the US and earlier this year we partnered with Veggie Grill, a successful all-vegan fast food chain, to bring plant-based menu items to colleges and universities around the US.

    In 2017 we developed Green & Lean sustainable recipes, in partnership with WWF, in the UK & Ireland featuring balanced, responsibly sourced and healthier ingredients. Our UK & Ireland team of chefs have also created a vegan street food offer ‘Planted’.

    Two years ago we launched our first completely vegetarian and vegan concept ‘Peter + Silie’ in Germany, Austria & Switzerland and our teams in the Netherlands have created a service called ‘Veggie’ which has 30 plant based recipes served at 15 sites. 

    Promoting plant-based meal options is just part of the story, we are committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 34% by 2025. To achieve this we are also taking steps to prevent food waste, reduce energy consumption through energy-management services and increase local and small business engagement and responsible sourcing.

    Find out more about our positive impact and our food services.

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