March 8th is International Women’s Day and it gives us a great opportunity to shine a light on the achievements of women across Sodexo; reinforce our commitment to achieve gender balance; and showcase the actions we’re taking to empower women and advance on gender equality.

At Sodexo, we are committed to empowering women because we are convinced that gender equality is critical for building a more sustainable future; for our business, our communities and the planet.

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How we are empowering women for a sustainable tomorrow at Sodexo

Find out more about how we are pressing for progress on gender equality at Sodexo

Why empower women?

- 100  150 million more people would be fed if women had access to the same resources as men.

- Women make up 50 percent of the global population and 40 percent of the global workforce. Yet women only own 1 percent of the world’s wealth.

- 55% of the progress in the fight against hunger during the past 25 years comes from improvements to the social situation of women.

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