With the help of our nutritionists and chefs, we are committed to helping our consumers develop good eating habits and healthy lifestyles with minimal environmental impact. 

Our approach to sustainable eating relies on four main factors: 

  • Promoting plant-based and sustainable meals, 
  • Supporting nutrition, health and well-being,
  • Sourcing responsibly, 
  • Preventing food waste.

How are we promoting plant-based meals?

We are committed to offer 33% plant-based dishes in our menus by 2025. We work towards that goal by training our chefs, creating delicious plant-based recipes, promoting those options to our consumers and by backing research initiatives.

Promoting sustainable eating and plant-based meal options is key to achieve our objective to reduce our carbon emissions by 34% by 2025 (compared to 2017).


How do we care for nutrition, health and well-being?

We serve 100 million consumers every day and place great importance on the health and well-being of our consumers.

We are committed to providing and encouraging access to healthy lifestyle choices and aim to offer 100% of our consumers healthy lifestyle options every day by 2025.

To deliver this commitment, our chefs, culinary professionals and dietitians embed nutrition, health and wellness into our recipes and menus available all over the world.


of our consumers globally are offered healthy lifestyle options everyday

How are we ensuring responsible sourcing?

We are committed to responsible sourcing and working closely with our suppliers to ensure health and wellbeing, foster social equity and protect and restore natural ecosystems across our supply base.
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How are we preventing waste?

We are saving resources through four key actions: preventing food waste, preserving water, phasing out plastic single use products & packaging and through the way we work with our clients and partners.

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