A new era in worklife

  • Jul. 02, 2021


Reinventing the worklife experience in empowering ways is critical for retaining top talent and building resilience. It requires brave, bold steps, yet only a few visionary decision-makers possess the clarity needed to deliver dynamic work environments fit for an uncertain future.


Our executive summary: A New Era in Worklife: 2021 Experience Next Corporate Insights Research includes data from a global survey of 300 senior HR, operations, procurement and food/facilities executives, conducted by Longitude, a Financial Times company, as well a series of in-depth qualitative interviews with senior executives and thought leaders. Respondents were drawn from six countries: Canada, China, France, India, UK and US.


Inside you will:

  • Find out why defining a strong social purpose will be critical to building business resilience
  • Understand how to meet vital needs which will improve the employee experience
  • Discover how to provide spaces and tools to support new models will enable the next era in worklife

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