Our brands

Sodexo’s retail brands and high street brand partnerships include restaurants, coffee shops, fast casual, convenience and vending.


Aspretto brings with it an elevated commitment to provide quality coffee, tea and foods that honor their origins and makes a positive social impact. Currently in 1,200+ locations, across 16 countries, our guests and clients have joined us to do Great Things over a decade. Aspretto truly has a cup full of possibilities with every single cup we serve.

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Chapter & Verse

Chapter & Verse is all about world-class speciality coffee and unparalleled artisanal experience, providing an outstanding experience to our guests and clients, fostering community and inspiring creativity. Supported by our partnership with Taylor St Baristas; the world’s only transatlantic specialty coffeehouse, with operations in both London and New York.

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eat> Café & Bites

eat> Café & Bites is a branded ambiance service that offers delicious, honest food with a side of sensory-stunning design. Our beautifully designed café creates destinations that fulfil consumer needs, instead of funnelling consumers to the traditional stations created around standard equipment sets.


Foodiverse is a branded ambiance food hall experience, a new place in the universe of dining options. A food hall that is the epicentre of food on the enlightened campus, or workplace. A unique place. A revolutionary place.


Lounge twelve is a modern space where consumers can pause to relax, recharge or reconnect. As a retail lounge, they can get a hot cup of premium coffee or tea, packaged foods, ready-to-eat meals and even drop off dry-cleaning through an easy self-checkout experience.

The Grid

The Grid community stores redefine the convenience category and improve the overall well-being of shoppers by offering items they need, when they need them, and giving them back time to focus on their lives.

Simply to Go

Made each day on site, Simply to Go is our premier take away solution for guests on the go. Simply to Go gives our guests a simple, balanced and convenient food solution that fits around their busy lives. Spanning hundreds of menu choices, Simply to Go is customized to each environment to ensure that we are delivering the choices that our guests desire.

Mindful – Enjoy Health

Mindful is an easy way for our guests to enjoy health. Mindful menu items are developed to respond to marketplace and consumer trends. Mindful gives our guests transparency of ingredients, delicious food, satisfying portions and clarity in message so that making Mindful choices becomes second nature. Guests can take Mindful home with our website and social media presence.

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Brands you know and love

Often clients are interested in bringing household favorites to their building. Sodexo has partnerships with brand-name favorites to bring these tasty treats and nutritious meals to you seamlessly, adding value to the every day experience of your employees and customers.

Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill has disrupted the fast-casual landscape by creating craveable, innovative, chef-inspired food that is 100% plant-based. Veggie Grill was highlighted by QSR Magazine’s “The 40/40 List for 2019: America's Hottest Startup Fast Casuals”. Starting in California, Veggie Grill has expanded to several states. Sodexo has an exclusive partnership with Veggie Grill for our University clients.

Food Fleet

Food Fleet is on the cutting edge of the food truck industry. Food Fleet enables us to bring the best of local food trucks to our guests by establishing partnerships with food truck operators in our communities, delivering excitement and variety for our clients and guests.


With over 40,000 restaurants worldwide, Subway is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Subway pioneered the concept of personalisation and has been recognized by the Harris Poll as “Quick Serve Restaurant of the Year”. Subway delivers a delicious and fresh product, offered at a reasonable price with fast and friendly service. Sodexo operates Subways in multiple countries.


Starbucks is the world’s leading speciality coffee retailer, known for introducing a premium coffee experience to millions of its guests. Once primarily known for its hot beverages, Starbucks has innovated in the cold coffee space with cold brew, iced coffee and iced espresso drinks now representing over 50% of sales. Sodexo serves Starbucks across several geographies.

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