Developing and celebrating top talent

Global Chef Program

The Global Chef Program is an international chef residency that provides an opportunity for Sodexo’s top chefs worldwide to travel to other countries and share their native cuisine and culture abroad. The program enables our chefs to deliver an authentic, international culinary experience to our clients and guests, demonstrating our international love of food.

Chef Academy

Our Chef Academy is an online learning & development program for Sodexo Chefs around the world to compliment and enhance local training programs. From best in class practices from our culinary teams around the world to specialist techniques perfected by our chefs at LeNôtre, this training program provides our chefs with everything they need to deliver consistent and first class quality food.

Recognising Great Talent

At Sodexo, our chefs are some of the very best culinary talent in the industry, with a diverse range of backgrounds and culinary styles. But they have one thing in common, their passion for food and delighting our guests with innovative dishes that are beautifully presented and taste amazing. Meet a selection of our chefs below.

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