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Our Love of Food

Great food service starts with great care of our guests, a keen understanding of food trends and of our clients’ needs.  Our talented chefs use their knowledge and passion to create beautiful dishes with the finest ingredients, while being sensitive to nutritional needs and environmental impact. It all comes to life with food that tastes amazing and delights our guests, bringing our love of food to your table. 

What we do

We provide quality food services to companies, hospitals, schools, universities and a range of other organizations. Our expertise also includes retail services, food delivery, meal and food vouchers as well as digital food ordering services and apps.  We offer healthy, varied, balanced meals with seasonal produce, while balancing our use of natural resources with our clients’ operating contexts, and our guests' budgets.

We have been investing in the quality of our food offer for more than 60 years. We do this by:

How we create wonderful food experiences

Tomato salad in a bowl

We place our guests at the heart of what we do

Why just create a meal when you can create an experience? We recognize that our guests have different tastes and needs, influenced by the time of day and whether they feel like healthy options, comfort food, adventure or indulgence. Our options provide our guests with the balance that’s right for them, whether it’s a leisurely dining, special event or the convenience of takeaway.

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We source our ingredients responsibly and sustainably

Transparency and authenticity are driving food choices. Our supply chain is often linked to our presence in local markets, where we work with farmers, bakers and producers. The ingredients we buy meet sustainable and responsible sourcing standards. By sourcing more local and seasonal produce, we can continue to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the community around our client sites

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Tomato salad in a bowl

We are serious about health and wellness

We are committed to developing health and wellness solutions for our clients, guests and employees; advocating balanced meal options and encouraging reduced intake of sugar, salt and saturated fats at our client sites. By promoting good nutrition and physical activity, along with providing healthy eating options, we can work to make ‘the healthy choice the easy choice’ for our guests.

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We hire the best chefs and invest in their training and resources 

Offering world-class food starts by attracting top culinary talent and nurturing their development with a culture that is truly passionate about good food. We encourage our chefs to enter competitions and help them connect and share best practices in our social network chef communities, Global Chef Exchange Program, and Chef Academy.  

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We look outside ourselves for approval, winning top awards in the process

Our awards match our values.  Year after year we take the top rankings and most prestigious awards that reflect our love of food, the investment in our people, as well as our commitments to sustainability and diversity.  Whether it’s Michelin Stars for our restaurants, or repeatedly ranking high on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, these external reviews ensure each client receives the best.  

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Culinary Report 2020

Fish on a plate with Our love of food written over the top

Discover the 2020 Sodexo Love of Food Culinary Report

This publication celebrates Sodexo chefs, our culinary expertise and our passion for food. Featuring our chefs around the world, our latest and greatest food initiatives, prestigious culinary awards and recognition, heroic events in our kitchens, while getting a glimpse into some of the latest food trends.

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