As the world’s leading provider of food services, Sodexo’s promise to clients is always to be at the crest of evolving consumer habits: As consumers pay closer attention to the impact of their food choices – on both their health and the planet – and grow to expect ultra-convenience, our goal is to offer our clients food solutions that fit seamlessly with these evolving expectations.

Sodexo’s partnership with FoodCheri helps us do just that: offer our consumers additional fresh, healthy and sustainable meal options, with the added convenience of delivery. All they have to do is order online on the same day or up to 4 days in advance, and their meal will be delivered at a set time and location. Orders are prepared at the FoodCheri kitchen, and delivered by bike, scooter or car from delivery hubs that serve urban areas and their surroundings.

Sodexo invested in FoodCheri, a Food-Tech pioneer, in January 2018 as part of a global effort to enrich our food services to better meet consumer expectations. For clients in Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes, and Strasbourg, FoodCheri can complement Sodexo’s onsite restaurants, giving consumers an added level of choice and flexibility for their employees. By providing more choice and convenience, Sodexo is helping to build happier, healthier workplaces equipped to retain today’s top talent.

Sodexo’s partnership with FoodCheri helps Sodexo surpass the evolving expectations of today’s consumers who are increasingly likely to look for food options that are….


FoodCheri dishes are made with fresh products, 60% of which are certified organic. Menus are updated each day and include options suited to every dietary requirement, with clear dietary information displayed for customers. Up to 5 new recipes are developed each week, integrating customer feedback and adapting to the latest culinary trends.


Products are sourced locally, menus feature seasonal fruits and vegetables, with a wide selection of vegetarian or vegan-friendly dishes. New offers highlight alternative protein sources, including insect protein powder and a limited-edition insect burger. In addition, FoodCheri uses only bio-degradable and recyclable packaging. 


Enjoying FoodCheri is just a few clicks away, whether you’re at the office or off-site. The offer can be integrated with Sodexo’s SoHappy@Work application where employees simply choose what, when, and where they want to eat. And when it comes time to pay, employer meal subsidies are automatically deducted, and the total debited from the employee’s meal card. All that’s left to do is pick-up the order form FoodCheri at a designated location.

The pick-up process is even easier for our clients with the FoodCheri phygital offer. At these locations, Sodexo provides a FoodCheri “Corner” – a physical space at the client site where meals are available for pick-up in one easy location


Not only does FoodCheri offer meals at a reasonable price, these meals are eligible for French meal subsidies. This is especially important for our clients without on-site kitchens: thanks to Sodexo and FoodCheri, they can still offer healthy, convenient and affordable meals to their employees. 

What’s next for FoodCheri?

The FoodCheri team plan to replicate the Paris model in other cities, rolling out to new cities with large addressable population over the next few years. So far, FoodCheri has expanded its offer to include Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Bordeaux, and Lyon. Future expansions are set to include Aix-Marseille, Nice, Grenoble, and Toulouse.

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