Kiwibot food delivery robot

Robot food delivery on campus and beyond

Published on : 11/6/20
  • In these uncertain times what could make more sense than the cutest delivery robot ever?

    Introducing the Kiwibot by Sodexo, a delivery robot who has made a big impression with students at the University of Denver.

    What is a Kiwibot and why are they awesome?

    Kiwibot GifA Kiwibot is a delivery robot. A Kiwibot is more reliable, friendly and efficient than all the other delivery robots out there because:

    • they reduce queuing at food locations, as your order can be delivered to whichever location you choose
    • they increase safety for all due to deliveries with less human contact
    • they can sense the world more accurately and move in a more precise way due to a stereo camera system, seamlessly meshing with urban landscapes
    • they can navigate busy roads and sidewalks quickly, avoiding obstacles in its path due to sophisticated sensor systems
    • they reduce congestion caused by delivery cars, reducing pollution and making cities more sustainable

    Kiwibots have even been used to deliver masks, antibacterial gel and hygiene products to the communities of Berkley and Denver during the Covid-19 crisis. With meticulous sanitization Kiwibots make the perfect contact-free deliveries.

    Introducing innovation on campus

    In today’s world of same day delivery, Uber eats and Amazon Prime; university students expect to be able to order food from anywhere at any time of day.  

    Our teams around the world are always looking for innovative ideas to enhance our services. With the ability to facilitate 24-hour ordering, eliminate queuing and provide food for the wider local population the concept of food delivery robots seemed a natural fit for our university campuses.

    In fact, our client at the University of Denver and our Global Digital team contacted the Kiwibot start-up simultaneously enquiring about the possibility of introducing food delivery robots to the University of Denver. Our local and global teams then worked together to make it happen.

    Our digital experts often work with start-ups to introduce cutting-edge technology into our operations around the world. The University of Denver is one of only a few campuses worldwide which offers food delivery via robot and we are the first company to work with Kiwibot to develop this solution.

    How robot food delivery works at the University of Denver

    Using the EatsDU (DU’s official ordering platform, powered by Lunchbox and Sodexo), students, faculty and staff in the coverage area can easily order from designated restaurants with a smartphone and a credit card. The first available locations will be Einstein’s Bros Bagels and Front Porch Café, Sodexo run cafés, with more to come.  

    The trusty little Kiwibots do one delivery at a time and are sanitized between deliveries so the health and safety of both the students ordering food and our teams preparing food is guaranteed through reduced human contact. 

    Future plans for delivery robots

    We first launched delivery robots last year at the George Mason University and Northern Arizona, and this new partnership with Kiwibot is an exciting step forward in bringing more convenience and safety to the students on university campuses, with more to come now that Kiwibot is our preferred partner in this initiative. 

    The future is now. With the ability to navigate roads and busy sidewalks, how long until a little robot is making deliveries near your home? 

    Find out more about our innovative approach to food service globally.

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