Guided by our Corporate Social Responsibility roadmap, Better Tomorrow 2025, we deliver on our commitments to ensure a positive impact on Individuals, Communities and the Environment.

Materiality Matrix : Identifying the Main Challenges

During Fiscal 2021, in collaboration with EY, a third materiality assessment identified and prioritized key corporate responsibility issues and their impacts. The key issues identified in the materiality assessment confirm the consistency with Sodexo’s commitments as an employer, service provider and responsible company.

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Our Commitments and Objectives

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In every country in which we operate, corporate responsibility can be clearly seen in our actions and policies, supported by our partners' expertise. In keeping with our commitments, we evaluate and share our progress according to the founding principles of our governance.

Our Progress in Numbers

Every year, we collect data, verified via internal and external audits, on over 10,000 sites in 47 countries. This data is used to measure our progress against performance indicators around the environment and our carbon footprint. As of 2020, our 'Site Engagement Assessment' provides site managers with additional methods of analyzing sustainability to make a positive impact.

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Our Policies and Positioning

We know how important it is to work responsibly to reduce any negative impact that may result from our business activities. We have implemented policies and codes of conduct, which our partners are required to follow. They clarify our practices and policies in terms of human rights, animal welfare and procurement.

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Making Progress Together: Partnerships

To support our corporate responsibility roadmap and foster change, we count on the partnerships with international organizations that share our values and fight for the same causes. Among several shared initiatives, we are particularly committed to protecting animal welfare, improving procurement practices and reducing food waste.

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Awards and Recognitions

It is our values, not prizes and awards, that drive our commitment to conducting our business responsibly. However, we are honored and proud whenever our efforts and those of our teams are recognized and applauded. These awards encourage us to continue improving our long-term impact and the sustainability of our operations.

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Fiscal 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report

Find out how we are having a positive impact on Individuals, Communities and the Environment in the way we do business.

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