Boosting innovation in our services

By truly understanding the needs of our stakeholders we can build technological solutions that enhance the experience of our consumers and elevate the positive impact of our business.

Innovating in the service industry: what we do

We leverage emerging technologies and data solutions to continuously innovate our Facility Management and Food services. From smart vending and virtual restaurants to cleaning robots and assisted reality glasses, we implement tech solutions to enhance the services we provide to corporate organizations and the public sector as well as educational and healthcare institutions that are a step ahead of the industry standards.

Delivering services with a data-driven mindset

The Sodexo Data & AI Factory, our team of data experts, help our teams harness the power of data responsibly to better understand our consumers, their behaviours and preferences to meet your business needs while providing the best consumer experience.


Data analytics

We transform data responsibly into business intelligence that can be used to serve our clients and consumers faster, better and more safely.


Artificial intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technologies support our teams to optimize operations and elevate the consumer experience.


Predictive modelling

Using the Sodexo Data & AI Factory state of the art algorithms, our teams can accurately forecast demand, footfall, labour requirements, and maintenance needs to provide the best services at all times.
“It’s really satisfying to see when your algorithm works because you also get to see happier consumers and bigger revenues for our clients!” Read her story.
Elena BukinaData Project Manager at Sodexo

Innovating while putting people first

We believe that innovation depends on our ability to listen to your needs and to market trends. Our teams leverage our culture of innovation to co-create value with our clients and suppliers, building human-centered solutions that fit real business needs.


Building a corporate culture that encourages innovation

Innovation starts with our employees, so we invest in building a powerful culture of innovation across our organization by:

  • Providing training programs, like The Digital Passport and the DatAcademy, to familiarize teams with disruptive technologies, and instil an agile corporate culture across the organization.
  • Enabling bottom-up innovation from our teams and building the connections to scale-up local innovations globally, such as with our Innov’Hub, the Sodexo global ideation platform, and global Innovation Challenges.

Collaborating with innovative players in the service industry

Driven by the ambition to innovate better and faster, we collaborate with incubators, universities, corporations and start-ups to continually source new ideas and boost our digital and data capabilities to deliver the best service experience. 

100+ start-up partners

We started out as a start-up in 1966 and this entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive our business forward. 

We have developed an internal start-up program, which gives the best intrapreneurial ideas the freedom to grow within our organization, such as:

  • Food Chéri, a French Food-tech company delivering healthy meals,
  • or Docteur House, a start-up providing various services to doctors so they can focus on care. 

Today, we work with over 100 start-ups around the world to introduce innovative concepts quickly and stay ahead of the latest service tech trends. And because we want to keep expanding our large network of start-up partnerships: