Dementia or some form of cognitive impairment exists in every part of the senior living community. Yet, many older adults, families, and care providers lack a basic understanding of dementia’s underlying conditions and expressions. Care communities must be empowered by bridging the gaps between research, policy, and frontline service.

Our report, Re-thinking Dementia: Novel prevention strategies to better models of care, features conversations with seven experts—each of whom are contributing to changing how we think about caring for older adults and those living with dementia. Each expert’s unique framework teaches how to develop practices, strategies, and supports that ensure a better culture of care from pre-diagnosis and early-stage interventions to improved quality of care for people living with advanced dementia. 

Read our report to learn more about how diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices can impact long-term cognitive health. Also included are alternative dementia care models, such as holistic approaches to care and innovative public health initiatives designed to help those living with the condition.

Taking a collective approach is essential to providing the care that older adults need and deserve. We hope to integrate the promising practices and preventative health measures listed in this report across our range from services – from nutrition to facilities management. The more people are aware of the impact of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, the more action we can inspire.

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