Sodexo supports 2 athletes for Paris 2024 !

Published on : 6/23/22
  • Sodexo is proud to continue its contribution to Paris 2024 by supporting 2 athletes in their training for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games of : Pierre-Yves Gautier, archery champion, and Thimothée Adolphe, blind sprinter specializing in the 100m and 400m.

    Alongside our Sodexo Live ! teams already involved as Official Supporter of Paris 2024, we are proud to support two French athletes who are preparing to compete at the next Olympic Games! We’ll be encouraging all our French employees to support these two competitors.

    Pierre-Yves Gautier

    Already holding several titles of French Archery Champion at 50m (in parasport, but also able-bodied sports), Pierre-Yves Gautier is a rising star in archery. He started his career in parasport because he is deaf, but it is for the Olympic Games (and not the Paralympics) that he will try to qualify for in2024!

    In addition to his sports career, we are also fortunate that Pierre-Yves is part of our employee team,  he works as a storekeeper in the Sodexo central kitchen in Eaubonne (95).

    Thimothée Adolphe

    Blind since the age of 19, Timothée Adolphe is an outstanding athlete! With a silver medal in the 100m at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and crowned World Champion in the 400m in 2019, the "white cheetah" has great ambitions for these two races for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

    The 32-year-old athlete is also committed to inclusion and is using his multiple talents to develop several initiatives emphasizing that disability is not a hindrance. He has set up his own one man show "Follow the guide", but also the first video game which is 100% suitable for those with visual imparements.


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