Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion

Regardless of your background, age, origins, gender, sexual orientation, identity or ability, we value and respect you for being you; you belong to a team where you’re treated fairly and respected. We build an inclusive culture, where you can bring your whole selves at work.
We create workplaces for all, by providing fair treatment and full access to resources and opportunities, and by fostering a culture of inclusion through the establishment of dedicated networks, by aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and by giving our teams across the business the tools they need to enrich an inclusive culture. We also invite our leaders to apply behaviors that reinforce a culture of inclusion.  

However, we’re aware that we need to spark uncomfortable conversations and foster ongoing reflection for us to raise awareness. We’re proud to have developed training programs for our teams. We’ve also set high expectations for ourselves with our Corporate Responsibility Roadmap. That’s how we’re able to keep tackling bias and why we focus on five Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) dimensions to include everyone. 

We empower women: promoting gender equality

We are convinced that striving for Gender Equality creates a better life for all. We’re committed to everyday actions to ensure gender balance in all levels of the organization, and provide opportunities for all genders to grow and advance. We empower women in our business and in local communities, holding ourselves accountable for reaching our gender targets in senior leaders and management.

Our SoTogether global advisory board drives our global gender equality strategy, and our employees can join one of our 23 SoTogether Gender Networks to address gender concerns.

“I became pregnant and thought that would be the end of my career progression; after all, that’s what happens isn’t it? But I was contacted while I was on maternity leave to ask whether I’d be happy to take on a promotion when I returned” Read her story

Virginia Palacio DiezGlobal Head of Technical Services Platform Strategy and Deployment, Sodexo Spain

We respect cultures, ethnicity, and origin: Elevating equity

We have many actions in place to elevate equity in our organization, addressing unconscious bias, and provide growth opportunities across race, ethnicity, and refugee status. We have set goals for hiring refugees globally.  We seek to empower women, support health and well-being and stimulate community growth through employment with indigenous communities.

We also evaluate the racial and ethnic composition of our leadership teams, aspiring to reflect the same diversity in our leadership teams as we see in our employees throughout the organization.

“In 2017, I left my hometown in Afghanistan with other refugees. I joined Sodexo in October 2019 in Paris. I really enjoy my job. I love working with and serving such a wide range of different people with different cultures and different languages.” Read his story

Inamullah DuraniKitchen Runner for Sodexo France

We provide opportunities to access initiatives supporting disability inclusion

One in seven people worldwide have a disability. As a global employer, we want to attract talent and enable everyone to reach their full potential. For us to reach that goal, we raise awareness through e-learning modules that help our teams respond to mental health signs and we’re a member of The Valuable 500 – an international initiative that unlocks value for people living with disabilities.

Disability Voice, at the global level, provides learning opportunities across multiple aspects of disabilities, partnering on the Mental Health and Well-being Portal, advocating for self-identification and celebrating international celebrations in the people with disabilities community.

“In Turkey, we’ve introduced a training programme at a vocational high school for children with disabilities. We’ve taken on interns from the school and, I’m proud to say, two of those interns now have full-time jobs with Sodexo.” Read his story

Ümit DemerciSite Manager, Sodexo Turkey

We advocate for all sexual orientations and gender identities

We want our employees to feel comfortable being themselves at work, whether that means calling them by their chosen name, welcoming conversations about their partner and family, or empowering our 18 LGBTQ+ & Ally networks to fight harassment and advocate inclusion. Globally, our partnerships with Workplace Pride, Stonewall UK, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates and PFLAG provide opportunities for professional development and training regarding LGBTQ+ communities. 

“Sodexo has managed to create a workplace environment that is so inclusive that I no longer feel like a need to hide my true self. I feel safe here, which makes me better at my job.” Read his story

Noah Henrick dos SantosYoung Administrative Trainee, Sodexo Brazil

We value every stage of life: Generational contributions to the workplace

Whether you’re eager to undertake responsibilities early on, or looking to change course later in life, we support all generations in their path to growth. Our generational networks help us leverage both the progressive mindset of our emergent talent and the knowledge of our most tenured employees. We also take advantage of our schools and campus connections to look to the future generations not yet part of our workplace.

“I was a young manager compared to the other managers on campus and at conferences and networking events. Demographics of management have evolved over the years, and I now have a much more generationally diverse management team.” Read her story

Torrie SmithGeneral Manager, Sodexo USA

At Sodexo you belong to a team. You belong to a place that embraces and respects you; where you are treated fairly, with respect and can be yourself. Here you act with purpose. You act by pursuing ways we can do better, be safer, healthier and more environmentally-friendly. You contribute to a more positive future for all. Finally, at Sodexo you thrive to perform at your best. We invest in our people by providing tools to do your job well; opportunities to learn new skills and discover your potential; and develop a culture where your health, safety and wellbeing are number one.

With a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, we encourage each and every one of our employees to bring their best selves to work each day, as when you feel seen, heard and appreciated, it shows in not only your employee experience, but in the experience of each one of our customers.

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