Inclusive workplaces: Making a difference as an inclusion-maker

"I believe in the collective power of change, that small actions can contribute to a better future for everyone."
Amanda LobregateSustainability Analyst at Sodexo
In line with our values and mission, our aim is to empower all Sodexo employees to be inclusion-makers, acting with purpose and courage to shape a workplace that embraces individuality and equity.
"Inclusion for me means encouraging all people, all genders, to let their unique light shine."
Belinda OakleyCEO Sodexo Live! North America
“I feel that I can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable women and their families.”
Maria Inês BendettiSite Manager

Supporting victims of gender-based violence with the Fairy Godmothers program

Maria Inês is one of the Fairy Godmothers in Brazil, and actively volunteers to support the fight against gender-based violence.  

This project supports women who have suffered or are suffering from gender-based violence by creating a safe space to support female colleagues in need. 
“When we listen to a victim as the conversation evolves, we can hear some of the tension coming out of their voice, their feeling of being heard, of being seen by someone.” 
Amanda LobregateSustainability Analyst
The volunteer employees known as “fairies” are trained to provide psychological and legal support to their female colleagues. The program has already helped more than 250 women and saved 7 from imminent risk. 

“I believe in the value of inclusive teams rich in diverse talents, cultures and experiences.”

Isabelle Hannedouche, Managing Director, Greater China & SoTogether Global Gender Advisory Board member

Empowering Sodexo women with SoTogether

Isabelle is a member of the SoTogether Global Gender Advisory Board that drives our global gender equality strategy. In addition, our employees can join one of our 21 SoTogether Gender Networks to take action to strengthen gender equality locally.

“The SheWorks project was a special experience which empowered me to believe in my own promising future at Sodexo.” 
Ziyi HuangAdministration Officer and former participant in SheWorks

Boosting employability with SheWorks

Ziyi participated in SheWorks last year in Shanghai. SheWorks, is a job shadowing program designed to empower women by giving the support needed to increase employability and learn about career opportunities. The program connects women, especially those living in vulnerable situations, with Sodexo employees who provide support and guidance to help build confidence and pursue career development.
“Through this program, I was able to take the time to explore how I wanted to design and develop my professional path. ”
Susana GushikenHead of Consumer & Client Insights and Consumer & Client Experience and mentee in the She Leads program

Advancing careers with SheLeads

Susana took part in the SheLeads program, as a mentee, and, with this experience, is now leading initiatives to support female employees in Peru. The SheLeads program provides women with resources and support helping them to advance their careers. It builds connections and gains access to a network of experienced senior leaders, who provide guidance, advice, and feedback to help them develop the skills necessary to succeed in their roles. 

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