Helping people perform at their best

Helping people perform at their best is the essence of our approach. We know from our experience that delicious food and exceptional facilities management can contribute to the performance of public sector organizations. We partner with agencies to develop a strategic alignment between staying on budget, increasing efficiency, reducing risk, and achieving social responsibility goals. 
We have dedicated teams in most countries, with several thousand employees supporting government agencies.

Discover the way we serve governmental agencies all over the world in just two minutes in this video:

Services we provide to government and public sector agencies

We provide a single point of management and accountability for everything from developing nutritious menus to creating productive work environments and preventative maintenance for public sector facilities. We use performance data to design, adapt, customize and improve our food and facilities management services. We are not just more efficient but also provide integrated services that provide the best value, including:

Integrated Facilities Management for government and public sector agencies

We provide everything from space and asset management ensuring preventative maintenance is completed and keeping your operating costs in check, to project management, construction and engineering to support your long-term goals. And of course, all the operational facilities services which keep your real estate running like security, landscaping, janitorial and administrative services.

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Food services for government and public sector agencies

Whether you are looking a truly exceptional dining experience, 24/7 vending services or educational nutritional services, we can deliver a solution to suit the needs of your public sector organization. Our culinary teams are trained to deliver the very best catering services and outstanding menu planning for government organizations always supported by dining technology.

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Operational support services for government and public service agencies

We offer energy and sustainability management services to increase the energy efficiency of your governmental real estate. Our procurement management services focus on strategic and local sourcing whilst out events management services help you to make the most of your facilities. Concierge, diversity consulting and benefits and rewards services support your human resource needs.

Sodexo Government in action for government agency clients

As experts providing catering and facilities management services, we bring decades of experience to your organization. Here are just a few examples:

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Embedding sustainability across a large estate in the UK

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Quality of Life - hard reset needed?

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