The rules for critical services (especially in the close quarters often found on remote locations), have all been rewritten – and Sodexo has the playbook. We’ve redesigned our services, such as disinfection and cleaning, temperature monitoring, accommodation and workplace optimization, flexible dining options, and more to help you stay ahead of the curve. Our global supply chain provides continuous access to the items your employees need to operate safely, like PPE and sanitization products and we’re equipped for a potential second wave. 

Being away from home when the world is in crisis can be tough. Whether on a mine site in Australia or an offshore platform in the North Sea, our integrated services make life better for people working in often isolated, and extreme environments. Improving your employees’ well-being at work will, in turn, contribute to better performance and teamwork on the job. From corporate offices and industrial sites to upstream remote locations and offshore installations, we ensure that your employees' needs are addressed in a meaningful way.

When you rise with Sodexo, you gain access to our expansive world-wide expertise and resources while working with a local team that is dedicated to the interests of your people and your business. 











This video was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic

Improving the home-to-home journey 

It’s not just about going to and from work for employees in the energy and mining industries, it’s about all of the touchpoints while they are on site. We have spent years analyzing their home-to-home journey and surveying residents to optimize their experience to be as comfortable and seamless as possible.


Do you know what your employees’ pain points are? Read our insights and research here, detailing employee needs and how we address them.  > Offshore Research Upstream Research


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Focus Areas

We leverage our deep knowledge, technology, and comprehensive solutions, customizing them for your organization. We bring innovation, improve well-being and drive efficiency in these unconventional workplaces and these unconventional times. We’ve surveyed thousands of workers over the years to understand, meet and exceed your employees’ quality of life expectations at work.

Two sodexo employees in protective clothing in front of a power plant

Energy Industry

There are few environments more complex than an offshore platform or onshore LNG plant. Your workforces need services that support their well-being and meet their evolving needs while they are on-site.

Sodexo employees looking at tablets and screens with statistics on

Mining Industry

To support your remote mining operations, you need providers with on-the-ground experience, uncompromising health and safety standards and a strong commitment to engaging with local communities.

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