The WasteWatch powered by Leanpath Program prevents on average 50% of food wasted. Using the program, Sodexo teams can rapidly and easily capture food waste data, giving clear insights into what is being wasted in their kitchens and why. With this new understanding, teams can implement targeted operational and behavioral changes to help end avoidable food waste, whether food waste generated in the kitchen or consumer food waste. 

3,000 sites within a year:

Sodexo announced the deployment of its data-driven food waste prevention program, WasteWatch powered by Leanpath, at 3,000 sites worldwide within a year. Read the press release


What our employees say:

“From my side the system is very user friendly and having reports being sent on weekly basis is an advantage and reminder, it makes you to have a glance at what’s going on with your waste.”

Joanna SIEMBAB, Catering Manager


“WasteWatch is very helpful to reduce food waste, our monitoring is effective due to the program. All employees at our site are aware and participating in the activity positively, it also leads to controling food waste. It is very good tool to reduce food wastage."

Prakash Pant, Site Director


“What impressed me most is the ownership in each and every staff member has to reduce food waste. I would recommend the WasteWatch powered by Leanpath food waste prevention system to others, especially those in our food catering locations.” 

Ibrahim Hussein (Moh), Site Manager


“Our commitment to sustainability in the Education segment where reducing food waste is the top priority. WasteWatch powered by Leanpath is the smart technology which help us to capture all kinds of food waste, analyse the trends and plan our actions of reduction. Apart from all sorts of tangible benefits this programme also brings value by creating awareness within the organisation as well as for students and clients. We do often conduct student engagement activities in relation to the program which resulted in a reduction in consumer waste. Likewise food waste reduction became every day’s practice for the site team”.

Changdev Kumkar, Site manager


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