What we do

Expect the best. We provide the most responsive issue mitigation and resolution process in the industry. With global standards and operating procedures covering dozens of service lines, our clients and consumers enjoy the same high service levels, commitment to safety, cost efficiencies and predictable value wherever they are.

Core Services

Cover your bases. Offshore Life is the central pillar of our offshore services portfolio. It covers every aspect of life offshore and at sea from catering to facilities management services. It meets global standards and expectations regarding safety, well-being, cleanliness and comfort. You can expect a well managed service on board.

End to end consumer experiences

Provide a smooth, seamless and welcoming home to work to home experience, wherever your employees are. Offshore workers can plan and personalize their own stay and benefit from extra services such as social and wellness programs as well as entertainment and other activities.

Multi-choice retailing

Satisfy those cravings. With digital technology such as self-checkout kiosks and unmanned convenient stores, you’ll find an array of food and beverage choices, variety, and convenience even in the most remote installations.

Smart Facilities

Evolve with the times. With smart technology, we’ll help you decrease your total cost of ownership and enjoy increased efficiency without any disruption to your day-to-day operations in your offshore living quarters.

Food and facilities management services

Let us help you drive greater simplicity and efficiency and address your employees’ health & well-being needs in a meaningful way. It starts with deep consumer knowledge and the use of technology to gather data and bring innovation. The result is a better customer experience.

Offshore catering and wellbeing

Count on a safe and well managed service on board all your installations. With tasty, varied foods and theme nights, our chefs bring a consistent, high quality dining experience to your consumers and units.

Cleaning, Housekeeping and Laundry

Your employees expect a clean and healthy environment. Our team will help you assess your cleaning, housekeeping and laundry needs based on a risk assessment, establish a frequency of service, complete inspections to report on cleanliness and perform deep cleaning for high-risk areas.

Retail and vending

Make it convenient. Offshore workers often long for their favorite products or small indulgences when far from home. Our retail and vending services have affordable and accessible choices for everyone, offering everything from comfort food to high-street brand beverages and essential items like toothpaste and shampoo.

Offshore facilities management

Drive efficiencies. Offshore facilities services include multi-trained technicians, heli-admins and a waste management solution. A handyman takes care of plumbing, carpentry, grease trap maintenance and pest control. The heli admin supports the administration of helicopter’s flights, passengers and freight to and from your unit(s).


Fast-track innovation with a partnership that helps you stay ahead of a changing climate. Whether your challenges are simple or complex, we'll help handle whatever comes your way.

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Optimize space and prevent any safety and standards issues that could arise. Efficiency@Sea, our capital project management service, covers cabin refurbishment, recreation room outfitting, galley upgrade and mess hall design. We take care of the project management, budget and quality control.

Redesign of living quarters

Breathe new life into your offshore unit. With the AddMoreSphere offer, redesign your living quarters and spruce up the ambiance. We’ll address different areas of the rig like the mess hall, recreation rooms, guest rooms, and conference rooms. Best of all, our turnkey solution lets you get on with your work.

Smart maintenance

Keep things running. With smart technology and loT sensors, operations are guided so that services are carried out when they are needed, as opposed to them being dictated by routine. Let our technical experts improve maintenance for your most important assets.

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Tech enablers

Deliver great employee experiences

MyWay is a personalized, one-stop app. Employees get real-time information and services such as menus, pre-ordering and facility information as well as critical information or safety alerts via push notifications. Feedback and survey functions let employees share their experiences. We use these insights to improve our services and ongoing support to you every day.

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Streamline global operations

IBM® Maximo® is an asset management system that provides Sodexo with real time data analysis and optimization across 2.5 million assets. Sodexo delivers a better, connected workplace that links these advanced technologies to the everyday offshore worker experience, from the rig living quarters to going to lunch to when they leave to go home.

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Fight food waste

The WasteWatch program and its intelligent waste-measurement technology make it easy for our teams to collect data on food waste and implement the operational and behavioral changes needed to eliminate waste produced by our kitchens or thrown out by consumers.

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Offshore Consumer Trends Report

Our Offshore & Marine Consumer Survey provides invaluable insight into the everyday lives of these workers. With more than 75,000 responses over five years, this report is a window into our deep offshore consumer knowledge and provides a few examples of how we turn insight into foresight and improve the lives offshore employees.

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Wellbeing Away Report

What can companies do to support employees’ psychological wellbeing while away from home? A report from the Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life offers some insight. The report, Wellbeing Away, gives recommendations and advice on how to manage wellbeing across five different phases from professionals who have knowledge and experience in this area.

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Seadrill case study

Learn how Sodexo drives continuous improvements, reduces risk, and handles the obstacles that inevitably arise while working on offshore platforms for one of the world’s largest offshore drilling contractors.

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