Integrated facilities management and catering services

Let us ease the burdens of site management. You can have peace of mind that your facilities will be managed in the most conscientious and beneficial way possible.

Soft facilities management services

Spend your time and money wisely. From reception, mailroom management, laundry, housekeeping, transport, concierge services and much more, we’ve got you covered. Our streamlined processes deliver efficiencies and minimize operational issues.

Technical services

Get the most out of your physical assets. General maintenance and asset management help you make better use of available space for your workforce from planning to repairs. Our specialized technicians maintain, care for, and improve asset lifespan lowering the total cost of ownership.


Fast-track innovation with a partnership that helps you stay ahead of a changing climate. Whether your challenges are simple or complex, we'll help handle whatever comes your way.

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Provide a clean and healthy environment for your employees. Our team will determine your disinfection needs based on a risk assessment, establish a frequency of cleaning, complete inspections and perform deep cleaning and disinfection for high-risk areas such as washrooms, light switches and door handles.

Food services 

Keep them coming back for more. Employees have different tastes and needs, influenced by the time of day and if they feel like healthy options, comfort food, adventure or indulgence. With our restaurants, takeaway, on-site lunches or catering for special events, we create an experience that has consumers returning time and time again.

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Retail and vending services

Make it convenient and easy. Whether you’re looking to provide a place employees can go to unwind for lunch or just grab a quick bite to eat, we’ve got plenty of options. Our retail and vending services offer affordable and accessible choices for everyone.

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Energy management

Significantly reduce utility costs and your carbon footprint. Partner with us for the consultation, creation, and continuous improvement of your energy management plan and performance.

Need a partner who excels in ongoing service and support? Ask us. 

Tech enablers

Data gives us actionable insights which drive the continuous improvement of our services to clients and consumers.

The future of IFM is here

The Wando platform is a simple one-stop-shop for business intelligence and monitoring, service requests, site information, feedback and audits. Its powerful dashboard gives real time visibility for clients.

Build employee engagement

MyWay is an app which gives your employees real-time information and access to services such as pre-ordering, menus, gym & wellness programs, activities and events. The feedback and survey functions let employees share their experiences. We use these insights to improve our services.

Command center

Reduce the time it takes to resolve issues and complete tasks. The command center centralizes administrative, technology and other support services in a single location. It handles services like IT and vendor coordination remotely as well as work orders, purchase orders, service requests, reporting, inventory management and much more.

Smart maintenance

Let technology work for you. Using smart technology, we’ll help you decrease your total cost of ownership and enjoy increased energy efficiency without any disruption to your day-to-day operations and facilities maintenance.

Smart kitchen

Transform your kitchen with smart technology and reduce food waste. With real time monitoring of operations, automated and assisted cooking practices, you’ll improve quality, equipment performance and use your resources wisely.


Driving up service standards

Find out about an innovative solution our team put in place for the Permian Basin operations in West Texas.

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Service excellence

Sodexo’s team members are the key ingredient to excelling at service and support. Our people go above and beyond.

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