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Sodexo Joins the Sustainable Coffee Challenge

March 10, 2020

Sodexo announced today that it has partnered with Conservation International and joined the Sustainable Coffee Challenge. It joins over 140 other partners, including corporations, governments, NGOs and research organizations aiming to make coffee the world’s first sustainable agricultural product for the wellbeing of humanity and the planet.

Sodexo’s commitment is that 100% of the coffee served within its proprietary brands will be responsibly sourced by 2021 and in the same timeframe, 99% of all coffee sold in its retail channel globally will be purchased from responsible sources. The company will use its scale and contribute in collaboration with our Supplier Partners and NGOs to achieve these objectives.

“At Sodexo, coffee has an important role to play in contributing to the Quality of Life of our guests.  As one of the largest coffee retailers we have an opportunity to have a positive impact.  We are committed to responsibly sourced coffee within Sodexo proprietary brands as well as all the coffee we buy for our retail services.  We are pleased to partner with Conservation International,” said John Wright, Senior Vice President Global Food Platform.

Watch the video about WHY sustainable coffee is critical right now.

Read the official Press Release from Conservation International.

Learn about our retail brands, including Chapter & Verse and Aspretto Coffee.  Our retail brands


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