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Stop Hunger celebrates six years of partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme

February 04, 2021

This year Stop Hunger celebrates six years of partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

The Stop Hunger partnership with WFP is built around three priorities:

  • The economic empowerment of women and local communities, principally through skills-based and technical trainings for female cooks involved in homegrown school feeding programmes, with the potential to reach 260,000 cooks across 60 countries;
  • The development of local production and consumption systems, that enable the supply of locally sourced produce from smallholder farmers, to school canteens; and
  • The response to emergency situations, particularly in some of the world’s most acute humanitarian crises, including Yemen, Syria and the Sahel. Over the past six years the partnership has helped provide more than 1 million emergency meals to people in 11 countries.

“The World Food Programme is relentlessly committed to ending hunger and reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, but we cannot do it alone. For six years, we have partnered with Stop Hunger, benefiting from financial support and the expertise of dedicated Sodexo employees who volunteered to work with us around the world.

Together, we have built new tools and identified ways to improve our ability to reach school children with safe and nutritious meals prepared with food grown in their own country and communities. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of millions of people and providing a model for how the private sector can deliver impact.”

- Valerie N. Guarnieri, Assistant Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme

The World Food Programme wins the Nobel Peace Prize

In October 2020 WFP, the world's leading humanitarian organization fighting hunger, was named the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

This honour recognizes the extraordinary commitment of the thousands of WFP women and men who have worked in the field, for almost 60 years, to build a hunger-free world. It also marks WFP’s efforts to highlight the link between hunger and conflict.

We are proud that 44 Sodexo experts supported WFP with technical expertise to implement and improve its programmes in the field. From worldwide logisticians to local supply chain specialists, their contribution has helped WFP to better provide locally sourced school meals to children, which supports their educational attainment while helping empower people in need and strengthen social and economic opportunities for women.

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