The Lufthansa lounge at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. has a futuristic new employee.

Named LUFTH-I, this beta-stage robotic busser from Bear Robotics is helping employees by quickly collecting dirty dishes and glassware as it roams the lounge. LUFTH-I is then able to autonomously go to the cleaning area to drop off dishes and glassware before heading back to the lounge for another round of cleaning. 

This NSF-certified innovative solution has been introduced right on time as airports have recently become busier than ever, providing a much-needed extra hand for employees and delighting lounge guests. 

“The guest response to LUFTH-I has been amazing so far,”

said Julieta Gutierrez, COO Sodexo Live!, Airport Lounges, North America.

“They’re fascinated to see this kind of innovation in action and it truly serves as a helping hand rather than a human replacement. The extra time LUFTH-I saves helps our team to get more direct contact with guests to ensure they are having the best experience possible. We’re always seeking new ways that technology can help our guests directly or indirectly, and this certainly does that.” 

LUFTH-I is water-resistant, can provide up to 12 hours of service on a four-hour charge and knows to return to its starting point when its task is complete.  It can easily navigate crowds and when several robots work together, they are able to communicate with one another to move efficiently.

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