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Sodexo Joins the Gender and Diversity Alliance (GDKA)

September 23, 2020

Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services, has joined over 50 leading companies who are supporting the GDKA and agreeing to adopt three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure and improve diversity in their organizations. GDKA believes focusing on the diversity of a company’s talent pipeline is vital in creating a fair and equitable workplace.

GDKA is a group of corporations, diversity, equity, and inclusion advocates, academics, and trade organizations that have come together to promote and advance the adoption of these KPIs. The GDKA steering committee includes Catalyst and Working Mother Media (co-chairs), along with Ascend, The B Team, ELC, Equilar, Frost Included, Gender Fair, HACR, LEAP, and the WBC.

By signing on to GDKA, signatory companies commit to use, or work to adopt, three key performance indicators to evaluate diversity in their organization:

  1. Percentage of representation on an organization’s board 
  2. Percentage of representation by employee category 
  3. Pay equality: the ratio of compensation by employee category (e.g., equal pay for equal work) 

“Deeply grounded in our core values, gender equality and diversity are at the heart of the way we do business globally. Sodexo strives to create an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion that allow all our employees to thrive. We engage with the GDKA and commit to adopt the defined KPIs as they will strengthen our current rigorous efforts on measurement of our progress towards gender equality and women empowerment. The GDKA is thus a welcome initiative and will add great value to all its members by establishing a common framework to measure and raise standards across the alliance,” said Margot Slattery, Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Sodexo Group.

The KPIs focus on the pipeline of women and underrepresented groups (where feasible) moving through the organization, better-enabling organizations to track their progress. They were developed from the work of the World Economic Forum International Business Council, the Global Reporting Initiative, and other advocates. Working Mother Media President and GDKA co-chair Subha Barry said, “This effort helps organizations gauge their progress over time, which is a critical step toward achieving true corporate diversity.” 

GDKA co-chair and Catalyst President and CEO Lorraine Hariton added,

“By committing to measuring diversity using these KPIs, corporate leaders are taking the steps necessary to drive change. These companies serve as role models for others, demonstrating that leadership and accountability start at the top.” 

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