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Future Ateliers

January 23, 2020

Following our mission to improve the quality of life for all we serve, Sodexo created its “Future Ateliers” project in 2016. Established in four vocational high schools in Turkey, we began by focusing on gender-equity in food by training future female chefs, and shifting cultural norms for chefs in Turkey.

Sodexo trained more than 1000 young girls in a period of four years, providing educational materials and encouraging students to take part in national and international competitions. 
Following their training, students are offered internship opportunities to step into real business life at Sodexo.

Furthermore, the future chefs touch on the R&D activities that create new recipes and flavor profiles for food production at Sodexo. 

Strengthening the scope of the ‘Future Ateliers’ project we began working with children with autism at the Hasan Tahsin Special Education Vocational School. In addition to the educational support it provides students, Sodexo created a special event for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd. Together, the students and Sodexo arranged to showcase and sell the delicious baked goods as well as flowers grown in pots by the children, at a bazaar established in Allianz.  

Not only was the experience a fun and interactive way for the students to get involved,  it also generated income for the school.

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