Committed to working responsibly and reducing any impact that may result from our business activities, over the last few months, Sodexo has contributed to a work undertaken by the European Commission.

Through this collaborative process, the Commission has finalized an ambitious European Code of Conduct for responsible business and marketing practices. With the active commitment of companies and the various stakeholders, the code will accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system. 

As a French company with global reach, employing more than 85,000 people and delivering quality of life services in 18 Europeans countries, Sodexo is proud to commit to the European Code of Conduct for responsible business and marketing practices. 

This code reinforces Sodexo’s Corporate Responsibility commitments and our ambition to develop responsible agriculture based on the preservation of natural resources and respect for biodiversity, social justice and economic viability. 

Partnering to reinforce the transition to a sustainable food system is part of the positive impact of doing business with Sodexo. Learn more

About the Code

The Code of Conduct for Responsible Business and Marketing Practices published by the European Commission is part of the Farm to fork strategy (stemming from the Green Deal roadmap for a climate neutral Europe). 

The objective of the Code is to encourage actors in the middle of the food chain - in particular companies - to commit to the transition towards a sustainable food system (3 aspects: health, environmental and social). The commitments must be consistent with the environmental and social impact of the company. 


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