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Sodexo receives the Transformation of the Finance function award by the DFCG

January 02, 2020

On December 11, Marc Rolland, Sodexo Chief Financial Officer, and his teams were awarded the prize for the Transformation of the Finance function by the DFCG (Association of Chief Financial Officer and Management Controller in France) rewarding the efforts undertaken since 2016 to standardize, mutualize and digitize the Finance function.

This award recognizes the work carried out by the teams to transform the Finance function at Sodexo in moving it from a “decentralized across geographies and activities” model to one that is “transversal, shared and digitalized” to better support Sodexo’s strategic agenda “Focus on Growth”.

In response to this award, Marc Rolland stated:

"This award is the recognition of the work accomplished by all the Finance teams around the world and especially in Europe, and I am very proud. The transformation initiated 4 years ago has pushed us to gain in efficiency and agility while enhancing our contribution to the company’s strategic agenda for more profitable and sustainable growth. I truly thank the teams who have made this possible and who continue to work each day to drive forward our transformation."

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