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Damien Verdier elected President of the French Services Professions Association

December 10, 2019

December 9, Damien Verdier was elected President of the French Services Professions Association (“GPS”).

Damien Verdier joined Sodexo in 1979 when the company only had 16,000 employees in France. Sodexo is now the largest French private employer with 470,000 employees worldwide. Damien Verdier held several senior management positions at Sodexo France before joining the Group Executive Committee, where he has been in charge of Strategy, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sustainable Development and Innovation on a global level.

Damien Verdier has also spent time on behalf of business service organizations. This included serving as president of the French Contract Catering Union from 2001 through 2006 and Vice President of the European Federation of Contract Catering Organizations. Damien Verdier further chaired the Services taskforce of the Business Europe association for ten years including preparing for the EU Services Directive. Alongside the WWF and other companies, he founded and chaired the International Food Waste Coalition, which strives to minimize food waste throughout food supply chains.

Damien Verdier takes over from Christian Nibourel, former chairman of Accenture France and Benelux, who has completed two 3-year terms as GPS president. Damien Verdier’s term of office will begin in January 2020.

At a time when business services have become the main driver of job creation in France, accounting for more than 60% of the value added to the French economy, Christian Nibourel has relentlessly strove to raise the profile of business services in France’s society and economy at a key time in history with the growing digital era and expansion of connected devices.

Damien Verdier declared:

“Services meet basic human needs and society’s key challenges like the ecological transition, aging population, digital transformation, social inclusion and regional development. Our professions and companies underpin economic growth and job creation in France. In a time when world competition is ramping up, it is time to take action in collaboration with government authorities to boost service businesses.”

GPS news: www.gps.asso.fr

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