In an increasingly agile and digital world, disruption to the traditional workplace blueprint is gathering momentum. People are the main driving force behind this transformation.

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Today's employees are bringing a new set of expectations to work. They’re accustomed to fluid, flexible and finely-tuned consumer experiences that enrich and enhance their everyday lives. 

Many companies understand the need to improve their offering to meet these expectations; not only to keep pace with competitors, but to become employers of choice. Those passionate about creating a great workplace can draw inspiration from employee perceptions to unlock a differentiated experience, one that resonates with the existing multi-generational workforce and attracts new talent.

About the Study

Two colleagues meetingTo help business leaders understand people’s perceptions of workplace services and amenities, Sodexo surveyed 3,593 employees across the global business & industry community. The Study Report examines responses around 22 workplace services grouped into two categories: Experience Essentials and Experience Enhancers. Sodexo also analyzed the prevalence of specific ‘attitudes’ in the workplace, as well as the interest in emerging spaces that power the employee experience.

The Study results highlight key opportunities for service enhancement and innovation, and reveal a shift in consumer expectations that’s shaping the future of work.

22 Workplace Services

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Sodexo Workplace Study Cover

September 30, 2019

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