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Top tips for reducing food waste

Published on : 4/8/21
  • Did you know that almost a third of food produced globally is wasted? In 2014 the total cost of wasted food globally amounted to 2.6 trillion US dollars.

    This is equivalent to the GDP of France. With the number of people going hungry or struggling to put food on the table rising, combined with the escalating environmental impacts of food production, we must all individually appreciate the real value and cost of the food on our plates, by taking steps in our everyday lives to reduce food waste. 

    We have been working in partnership with WWF for the last 10 years to reduce our environmental footprint as a company. We are working towards reducing our carbon emissions by 34% by 2025 (compared to a 2017 baseline). To achieve this target, we are focusing on four initiatives: increasing the proportion of ‘low-carbon’ menus across our business, sourcing everything we buy responsibly, reducing our food waste and supporting employee engagement.

    In the below video, Pete Pearson, Senior Director of Food Loss and Waste at WWF-US and Maria Outters, SVP Corporate Responsibility at Sodexo share some tips to reduce waste at home and on our sites.

    “It's fantastic if you set up composting or if you're able in your community to send food waste to compost or an anaerobic digestion but even better is if you can actually reduce how much compost you generate.” Pete Pearson.

    “When you are in one of our restaurants, make sure you engage with the team and let them know about your appetite, don't take too much on your plate, only take the items that you intend to eat.” Maria Outters.


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