Thanks to Sodexo's Modern Recipe offer, AstraZeneca’s team has access to fresh, healthy food in an inspirational space, resulting in greater focus, engagement and productivity.

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Since 2008, Sodexo has worked with AstraZeneca at five locations in the UK and Sweden. Being a "great place to work" is core to the global pharmaceutical company, and creating more engaging experiences is key to attracting and retaining top talent.

The company realized food would be central to this experience and Modern Recipe was the perfect choice to transform the food experience. Thanks to Modern Recipe, AstraZeneca's team now benefits from wholesome meals, vitamin-packed smoothies, deli-style sandwiches and a wide range of other choices.

In addition, Sodexo's design for AstraZeneca created spaces that people could use throughout the day. These include relaxed environments that support individual and group excellence.

The results speak for themselves. At one site, workplace dining rates have increased by 45% since Modern Recipe was introduced, while revenue is up 60%. AstraZeneca has also reported changes in customer perception and behavior.

You’ve done a great job. Healthy eating options, an opportunity to give back to the community through our sustainable coffee stand, no more plastic and lovely new areas to meet and hang out. We needed this and the change will make a real difference!

Fiona Cicconi, AstraZeneca Employee at Cambridge Site

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Watch how Modern Recipe contributes to a thriving workplace at AstraZeneca:


October 04, 2019

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