Sodexo Accelerators logoSodexo is a global company, but we understand the importance of working locally, with entrepreneurs who know and understand their consumers. That’s why we created the Sodexo Accelerators - a global initiative setup in several countries across the globe to strengthen our ties with the startup ecosystem. 

In countries around the globe, the Sodexo Accelerators invite startups to apply for a unique opportunity to take their innovative ideas to the next level. We select the most promising startups and engage them in an intensive mentorship and pilot programs. 

Bringing together corporate strength with startup speed 

The Sodexo Accelerators facilitates collaboration between Sodexo and local startups. It is a key force for Sodexo to increase agility and have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and disruptions in the service industry. 

For startups, the program brings forth valuable insights on how to ‘accelerate’ their business development. With experienced business mentors, decades of industry knowledge and a global client footprint at their fingertips, selected startups will be primed to scale their business and work with Sodexo for the long-term. They’ll also have the opportunity to play a role in Sodexo’s innovation processes working hand-in-hand with our teams.  

Apply to the program for a unique opportunity to scale your business - working together to shape the future.

Collaborating across the globe

The Sodexo Accelerators have been launched in several countries across the globe with focused on fast-tracking the digital transformation locally.


•    Brazil – visit the Brazil accelerator website 
•    China - visit the China accelerator web page
•    India 
•    France
•    Sweden - find out more about the Sparx Accelerator 

Coming to a city near you


Sodexo Accelerators, locations in: United States, Brazil, Norway, France, India, China / Sodexo Ventures, locations in: United States, France, Indonesia


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