Providing justice administration and prison services

With 30 years of experience in supporting Justice and Prison Administrations, we aim to change lives for the better by operating safe, decent and secure prisons as well as by reducing reoffending through rehabilitation.

In partnership with justice institutions and charities, we support people in our care to change their lives for the better by providing opportunities for purposeful activity and employment skills, education and rehabilitation support services.

We operate prisons only in democratic countries that do not have the death penalty, where the ultimate goal of incarceration is prisoner rehabilitation and where its staff are not required to carry arms. We adapt our services to national laws and cultures.

We deliver the total operation of five prisons in England and Scotland and also operate prisons in France and Chile.

Services we provide to justice

We provide a range of support services for justice organizations, such as maintenance, catering and industrial workshops for prisons and security facilities. We also offer rehabilitation services in the community and in prison to reduce re-offending, protect the population and support the criminal justice system.

Full prison operation

We run prisons in full including; integrated Facilities Management, full prisoner management; catering; rehabilitation services; resettlement and offender behaviour programmes; education and skills development; vocational training as well as workshops and industries. In some of our prisons we provide healthcare and mental health services and a separate Mother and Baby Unit.

Reducing re-offending through rehabilitation

We focus on providing our prison residents with the life skills, work experience, education and accommodation on release to help equip them to successfully integrate into society. You can read more about our commitment to providing services that deliver social value, better outcomes and improved quality of life in our social impact pledge and Impact Report.

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Successful partnerships with local businesses

We are committed to supporting local communities in every way we can. We work closely with small and medium sized businesses through out Supply Chain Inclusion Program. In 2019 Sodexo ranked top in sector by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for Local Impact of Business Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Stakeholder Engagement.

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Sodexo Government in action for justice clients

As experts providing catering and facilities management services within justice and prison environments, we bring decades of experience to your organization. Here are just a few examples:

UK Prisons

Discover how we are changing lives for the better in UK prisons.

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HMP Peterborough

Find out more about the services we operate in Peterborough prison.

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HMP Northumberland

Find out how we help to reduce reoffending in Northumberland prison.

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Reverend Kate’s support for female prison residents

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