Powering positive public impact

To serve and protect the public is among the highest callings. Sodexo is proud to support Governments around the globe within Military, Justice and departmental environments, delivering services to meet their every need.

Who we are

Sodexo Governments partnership approach allows us to elevate
 the potential of people and make a positive public impact for all.

With a solid and holistic operational reliability, we work beside you and behind the scenes to keep your most valuable assets, your people and environments, operating at peak levels. We manage the details so that you can focus on your priorities of making life better for the people you serve.

We deliver over 100 services 24/7/365, everything from rehabilitative programs to nutritional services to facilities maintenance.

Bringing our extensive experience, the latest innovative technologies and a data driven approach to understand and meet very different requirements, we customize our services to match and exceed the needs of government organizations around the globe.

Sodexo Government serves food and facilities management to around 1,000 governmental sites around the world, thanks to more than 15,000 dedicated employees. We partner with government organizations to elevate the potential of people and make a positive public impact for all.

Who we serve

The work that government, military, and justice organizations around the globe do to ensure the safety, well-being, and dignity of their constituents is extraordinary. We are proud to be one of their privileged partners.


We partner with justice organizations to deliver facilities and support services along with essential food provision and facilities services to enable the potential of people, making a positive public impact for all of us…improving rehabilitation and reducing reoffending rates.

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We partner with the military to deliver essential food, nutritional and environmental services to ensure readiness and to power the full potential of those that protect us, elevating public impact for all of us by improving recruitment, retention and performance goals.

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We partner with government agencies to deliver essential food and environmental services to power the performance of people who are responsible for making a positive public impact for all.

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How we serve

One of our key differentiators is that we engage to deliver social value, working hand in hand with our clients and supporting their communities.

Female sodexo prison officer meeting a prisoner

Reducing reoffending

We work collaboratively with Justice organizations to reduce reoffending and ensure every interaction matters.

Sodexo employee speaking with military customer

Military community employment

Through the employment of veterans, military spouses and the wider military community we bring additional value to our Military clients.

Woman holding basket of vegetables

Supporting local communities

Focusing on local sourcing and promoting small businesses is another way we support government agencies as well as their local communities.

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