Supporting armed forces communities around the world

Our expertise and insight into the special demands of military life enables us to deliver a large range of integrated food and facilities management services that improve the quality of life for women and men serving their countries, and their families, on domestic bases and on missions overseas.

We serve most American and European armed forces and have supported the British military for over 30 years.

We are proud to serve the armed forces and support them day after day in their daily life, wherever they operate to ensure our safety.

Services we provide to military communities and defence organizations

We are next to you, all over the world, providing services which support the military to meet the performance demands of assigned missions, guiding the military community towards physical, mental and motivational readiness. Discover the main five ways we provide extra support:

Integrated facilities management to support the armed forces

We deliver comprehensive cleaning solutions for offices, living accommodation, windows and laundry, as well as specialist cleaning for areas such as medical centres and swimming pools to meet the needs of our military customers. We also provide full energy management services, in compliance with regulations.

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Catering for the armed forces and military personnel

Our defence food services, retail and leisure facilities have been developed to combine high street style restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and leisure services, with the unique and varied needs of armed forces personnel and their families.

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Workplace services to empower military efficiency

We fully understand the connection between nutrition, wellbeing and lifestyle so deliver a complete approach to encouraging and maintaining a healthier balanced lifestyle, something which is especially important for the physical and mental demands of service personnel.

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Property and technical services for military bases

We provide complete management of all the services in owned properties including our Integrator model. We focus on supporting our client’s infrastructure and equipment with a range of services to ensure that their needs are always a priority. This includes estate planned and reactive maintenance, life cycle and project management, building maintenance and refurbishments.

Supporting the military community in every way we can

We are proud to serve our armed forces around the world and recognise that our defence forces meet extraordinary demands every single day. To support the military community in every way possible we provide additional support, beyond service provision.

An extensive range of specialists to support the military community

We support the military community with adapted food and facilities teams, programs, community activities and social networking events, as well as Social and Behavioral Health Programs thanks to our experienced Sports Dietitians, Clinical Psychologists, Data Scientists, Technicians, Case Managers, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers and our amazing partnerships.

Strong policies to support Reservists

We are committed to being flexible in granting leave to enable employees to train with the Reserve Forces. When circumstances allow, granting additional unpaid leave per year to help reservists support the regular Armed Forces.

Positive recruitment of ex-military personnel

We actively recruit ex-services personnel to help with transition into civilian life and in our Public Service Pledge, as part of our commitment to the Armed Forces, we have pledged to employ 200 ex-service personnel by the end of 2018.

Helping military families

We recognise that regular postings associated with military careers can cause big disruptions to family life, so we aim to minimise these kinds of disruptions by providing employment opportunities for the spouses of service personnel who are posted into areas where we have contracts.

Support for Armed Forces charities

We are proud to support a number of service charities, in particular SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. Our partnership with them has included volunteering, employee fundraising, sponsorship of some of their key activities and, through Sodexo’s Stop Hunger Foundation, we fund SSAFA’s homelessness fund.

Sodexo Government in action for military clients

As experts providing catering and facilities management services to the armed forces, we bring decades of experience to your organization. Here are just a few examples:

Colchester Garrison, UK – huge range of services

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French Military – Balard and the French Postal service

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US Marine Corps – truly scalable food services

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Village: A multi-functional hub for the Whole Force

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