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Reimagining the Employee Experience

Just think. If you could create a workplace where people have the freedom to invent, inspire others, learn and grasp new opportunities, wouldn’t you? At Sodexo, we’re working with organizations across the world to design environments that do just that. We call it Work Reimagined.

Building the Future Workplace – Our Focus Areas

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Workplace Experience: Creating an Inspiring Place to Work

How people feel about their workplace is what sets one business apart from another. If you want to attract and retain the best talent, you need to create an environment where everyone can thrive. By working with organizations across the globe, we’ve learned a lot. We can help you create a workplace experience that’s unique to you—one that’s engaging and inclusive. Who wouldn’t want to work there?

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Three beautiful, healthy grain bowls filled with colorful vegetables and lean proteins

Food at Work: Fueling Your People and Your Business

The food choices we make are constantly changing. As more and more companies react to the demand for international cuisine, plant-based recipes and eco-friendly foods, is your workplace menu being left behind? Guided by our talented chefs, we bring you the latest dining trends that satisfy a wide range of tastes, nutritional needs and budgets—all delivered with sustainability in mind.

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Digital Transformation: Powering the Future of Work

Technology is essential to help your business stay ahead of the game. It gives you a competitive edge, saves money and attracts smart, tech-savvy people to your business. But initial investment can be expensive, so you need to understand what will work best for your organization. Let us help you decode the technology landscape to create digital transformation in the workplace.

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Technical Services: A Collaborative Approach to Efficiency and Savings

If you have ambitious performance goals with a long-term capital requirement, how do you plan to deliver? One important step is to integrate the management of your assets—buildings, people and services. Our technical services solutions can help you optimize productivity and efficiency by creating a safe, people-friendly and compliant workplace experience.

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Positive Impact: Driving Responsible Business Practices

Nowadays, running a successful company isn’t just about making a profit. Forward-thinking organizations know that demonstrating corporate responsibility is more than just an ethical decision; it makes good business sense too. We can help you explore ways to do business while protecting the environment and improving people’s lives. You can make a difference—that’s Work Reimagined.

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Sectors we serve

We help companies deliver a great workplace experience in a wide range of industries, by understanding their specific challenges and offering the right solutions.

Scientist in laboratory

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Pharma is under pressure. Development costs are rising and administrative tasks are eating into scientists’ lab time. It’s time for a new formula—an agile, innovative lab of the future. Where scientists can focus on vital research, collaboration is encouraged, and creativity thrives.

Business people in factory

Consumer Products & Manufacturing

Consumer products and manufacturing organizations are challenged to attract the best talent. Our answer? Understand what motivates the new generations entering the workforce. By building a more digitally-focused, socially-engaged workplace, you can ensure future business success.

Diverse team financial meeting

Financial Services

Financial services organizations are in a state of disruption. Digitization is permeating every aspect of the industry, and companies are challenged to drive creativity and innovation in the regulated culture. One important step? Create a workplace that attracts and retains the best talent.

Technology team coding


The future tech workplace will be shaped by digital natives. New generations expect technology to define the way they work and integrate with every workplace touchpoint. Sodexo puts digital solutions at the heart of our services. It’s all about improving the workplace experience.

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Professional Services

Top professionals are in high demand. We help employers keep them engaged, inspired and motivated. How do we do it? By designing the workplace around their individual needs, and integrating technology that lets them seamlessly balance work and home life. It’s all about quality of life.

Business woman working on laptop on stairs

Communications & Media

People ask for more from their employers than just a salary. They want to work for companies that have integrity and a strong sense of corporate responsibility. Or solutions deliver creative and innovative workplaces that encourage employees to take part in world-changing initiatives.


of global business leaders say quality of life has an important impact on company performance.

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