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Sodexo Concierge enables your employees, patients, residents, students and visitors the ability to improve their quality of life while improving your organizations productivity, performance and brand reputation. Visit the circles website.

In-Home Care for Seniors and their Families

We have been elevating the lives of adults and seniors for more than 20 years by providing companionship and personal care services in the home, wherever home may be.  Now, organizations can help their employees by offering them senior caregiving assistance so their loved ones can age where they most want to be - home. Professionals who can help with tasks like meal preparation, light housekeeping, shopping, or, transportation to doctor appointments. Sodexo elevates the human spirit everyday by providing these services in multiple countries.

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Childcare: our innovative educational mission

Childcare is often a major headache for working parents. Too often, existing options are poorly adapted to the needs of busy people. It was time for something different. Sodexo invested in Crèche Attitude and Crèche de France, run by passionate interdisciplinary teams. The centers are all easily accessible, with opening times designed around parents’ working hours and specialist development programs for babies and kids which support each child with skills to become a happy world citizen.

Case study

Family Re-united



In December 2004, a concerned member contacted Sodexo’s Circles concierge service. He was unable to reach his son, who’d been in Asia during the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.


Circles created a profile to pinpoint the son’s possible locations. After a global search, the concierge located the member’s son on an island in the Philippines.

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