Training and recognition

Training and recognition

Training and development

Hospital service providers, whether they are Sodexo employees or client staff, receive the same quality training with one main objective: to increase the well-being of patients. All are encouraged to engage in friendly conversation with patients as they work.

In the United States, Sodexo rolled out its CARES training program for 500 employees at the Nebraska Medical Center. Trained in key notions such as compassion, responsibility, respect, enthusiasm and attitude, our personnel earn certificates and implement best practices in their daily work. For patients, the approach has resulted in a tangible improvement in quality of life at the hospital and our employees express renewed interest in their work.

Reward and recognition

Satisfying patients is closely linked to the fulfillment of our teams. At Sodexo, we believe that highly motivated employees deliver the best service quality and the greatest productivity. For this reason, we are convinced it is important to recognize their achievements.

At the hospitals Sodexo serves, we reward Sodexo team members who make special efforts above and beyond the actions they learn in our training programs, which are designed to encourage friendly contact with patients. These employees’ best practices are featured in monthly internal publications. Every year, the most outstanding team members are also rewarded at the U.S. Healthcare division's annual national conference.

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