Patient foodservices

Nutritious, tasty, clinically adapted meals are critical for faster and better patient recovery. Sodexo is the largest private employer of registered dietitians and our teams work closely with doctors to plan menus suited to patient requirements.

Patient-specific foodservices

Meals adapted to individual needs

With the help of our dietitians, our chefs prepare meals designed to stimulate the appetite in accordance with each patient’s medical prescription. Using proven guidelines, our clinical dietitians take a leadership role in providing healthful, compliant diets, counselling and treatment for patients. These guidelines include assessment standards and disease-specific information.

In France, the Maternea program offers personalized service especially designed for maternity wards including à la carte menus, snacks, balanced recipes adapted to new mothers specific needs and nutrition advice.

Room Service

We offer hotel quality foodservice for patients upon request, featuring à la Carte menus with dishes served at any time of the day.

Customized foodservice

Our approach to Room Service combines practicality with customized foodservice: patients can choose the content of their meals, which are delivered directly to them in their rooms. An automated order system using a tactile screen facilitates order management by our personnel.

Sodexo's At Your Request - Room Service Dining® is a Health Care room service featuring a restaurant approach to meal preparation and delivery. This innovative offer employs user-friendly tools, systems, and processes that allow the patient to eat when he/she desires and ensures a more positive nutrition experience. It can be adapted to meet the needs of numerous health care applications and service and can be measured to monitor service performance.

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