Efficiency and smooth operation

Hospital activity cannot afford to be slowed down by logistical problems: patient transport or deliveries of medical supplies have to be performed in a timely, reliable manner. Sodexo centralizes these requests and organizes communication flows to allow medical teams to optimize their schedules and achieve greater efficiency.

Efficiency and smooth operation

Flow management

Streamlining communication

Every day, hospitals have to deal with many, varied service demands from telephone calls to patient admission and discharge, including meal orders, scheduling technical interventions and responding to requests for information or news about patients. 

At locations where Sodexo oversees a wide array of services, our teams manage Service Response Centers that immediately process and centralize all types of requests. The system provides the hospital with necessary information such as patient admission or discharge times along with hospital bed occupancy at any given moment. The overall results include increased satisfaction on the part of patients and the public who appreciate the quality of reception. In addition, our information processing helps the administration refine its cost management and provides an efficient system to measure call volumes and response times.

Reducing waiting time

At the health care facilities Sodexo serves, we offer a centralized transport service capable of transporting patients and equipment (oxygen tanks, beds, etc.) according to specific requirements.

Energy management

Bed occupancy, continuous additions of hi-tech equipment, the number of procedures and length of patient stay are among the factors that determine the energy consumption of a hospital. Growing demand, high costs, greenhouse gas emissions and most of all, quality service to patients have made energy conservation indispensable. Clients seek our expertise to achieve sustainable savings.

In Thailand, at the Bangkok Medical Center, Sodexo conducted an audit to determine potential sources of energy savings. Our teams, who are responsible for managing the Center’s 524,934 square feet of surface area, then developed an energy management program to cut annual energy consumption by more than 20.

Clean laundry

Immaculately clean laundry is essential to protect patients from infection as well as the hospital’s reputation as a highly visible aspect of hospital compliance with rigorous hygiene standards. Sodexo contributes to the high performance of these services by intervening directly in-house or by combining linen management capacities to address the needs of local institutions. Our specialists use innovative techniques to produce an outstanding level of quality while controlling operating costs.

Our Health Care solutions


Sodexo is the strategic partner of health care establishment striving for performance, patient satisfaction, as well as reputation for excellence.

Key figures Healthcare

3.9 million euro in revenues

19% of Group revenues

14.5% of Group employees in the Seniors segment

Source: Sodexo Group, FY 2017