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Responsible Governance

Our approach to sustainable development, established by our Better Tomorrow 2025 roadmap, is deeply rooted in the company's strategy and operational activities. That's why our commitments are an integral part of our managers' performance objectives, and their efforts and results are followed closely by the Executive Committee and Sodexo's leaders.

Independence ensured through founding family shareholding

Our independence enables us to sustain our values, focus on a long-term strategy, maintain management continuity, and ensure our sustainability. Our sustained commitment to building a truly international organization with a strong management team, nurturing lasting client relationships, and developing a successful integrated offer reflects this vision.

Sophie BellonCSR is at the heart of our mission

Under the leadership of Chairwoman Sophie Bellon, the Board of Directors, composed of seven women and five men, determines the company's strategic direction in keeping with the long-term vision that exemplifies our governance. Six of the Board of Directors' twelve members have expertise in the fields of sustainable development, societal engagement, and human resources. Corporate social responsibility is a frequent topic of discussion.

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Denis MachuelSupported by the Executive Committee

Denis Machuel, CEO, is a strong advocate for corporate responsibility. He is a member of the Champions 12.3 coalition, dedicated to achieving the food waste reduction goals set by the United Nations.

The Executive Committee discusses CSR regularly in order to define future guidelines and make progress on the various associated challenges.
Two of the company's Executive Committee members are in charge of overseeing continuous performance improvement in terms of corporate responsibility:

Damien Verdier is Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, and has been the CSR sponsor within the Executive Committee since 2008. He is in charge of building and deploying our roadmap, Better Tomorrow 2025.

Cathy Desquesses is our Chief People Officer. She is an expert on diversity-related subjects, and leads the company's diversity and inclusion strategy. 

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The Steering Committee for Corporate Responsibility

The company's Steering Committee for Corporate Responsibility, led by Damien Verdier, is made up of 13 members from different continents, professions, and departments. The committee drives our global CSR strategy and tracks the progress made.

The Steering Committee for Diversity and Inclusion

The Executive Committee provides the global vision and sets targets for progress. Committee members pair up to sponsor individual areas of diversity and inclusion. They supply guidelines and help their area make progress, both internally and externally. They rely on global, regional, and local diversity and inclusion work groups that are familiar with our business and closely adapted to each community.

Responsible business conduct

In addition to Better Tomorrow 2025, our Human Rights and Business Integrity Statement sets forth the strict principles of integrity that Sodexo follows in conducting its business. Those principles, championed and monitored by our independent Ethics and Compliance Committee, must be systematically applied in all the company's stakeholder relationships.

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The Group Corporate Responsibility team

A management team coordinates our implementation of Better Tomorrow 2025 and monitors its application worldwide. Consultations and discussions are organized regularly with the company's various departments: Marketing, Supply Chain, International Accounts, Communication, Internal Audit, Finances, Human Resources, Client Retention, and Strategy.

The Better Tomorrow community

Corporate responsibility leaders from a variety of sectors and departments within Sodexo support the roadmap progress and deployment. In every country, these employees are the points of contact for any questions about the program and its associated initiatives.

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