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VivaTech 2019

VivaTech Sodexo Pitch Area Program

9:30 Pitch start-ups (6) Pitch start-ups (6) Pitch start-ups (6)
10:30 Return on experience: data & AI revolution is here, how to grasp this massive opportunity
E. Sasot (Sodexo) & Data Leaders from corporations
Data, Analytics, and Care: Using Tech-Powered Insights to Improve Patient Experience
M. Plumart (Sodexo), R. Sawyer (Hydracor), I. Mouniere Meury (APHP), M O'Keeffee (Sodexo)

Animation : 
L’éducation alimentaire, en réalité augmentée !

11:30 La data au service de la cuisine et des consommateurs
A-S. Gouillat (Sodexo) & Juliette Rigo (FoodChéri)
Introduction of the CorpUp model : innovation from within the company !
B. Moscoso Del Prado, G. Delplanque (Sodexo / Rydoo) & C.Tumelin (Docteur House)

Women in STEM: Yes we can!
S. Metayer (Sodexo), E. Bukina (Sodexo), I. Bastide (Page group) & F. Borgonovi (OECD)

12:00   Startups Challenge ceremony
B. Moscoso Del Prado & Asaplace, NU, Bloomin


Animation : 
L’éducation alimentaire, en réalité augmentée !

13:00 How startups and large companies collaborate to use data and AI to create a more sustainable world?
M. Lofsjogard (Sodexo), M. Van Der Meer (Sodexo), A. Unger (Klimato) & C. Van Maaren (Excess Material Exchange)
L’avenir des seniors passe par le digital
V. Tassigny (Sodexo) & L. Lafont (Microsoft / Silver Valley)
14:00 How to improve workplace experiences with on demand FM services?
P. Bean (Sodexo), M. Clelland (Shell) & D. Horgan (iOffice) 
Boosting community engagement through a unique personalized quality of life experience
P. Valentin (Sodexo), L. Allemand (Sodexo) & G. Aurine (Salesforce
14:25 CEO FORUM – New Perspectives in the Fight Against Waste
Denis Machuel,  A. Shakman (Leanpath) & P. Asdaghi (FoodChéri)
How Data is contributing to improve the Quality of Life of our consumers?
E. Sasot (Sodexo), M. Verteletskyi (Spaceti) & M. Hug (Tilkal)
15:30 Comment concilier vente à emporter, excellence culinaire et innovation digitale dans un lieu iconique comme la Tour Eiffel ?
N. Bellon-Szabo (Sodexo), T. Marx (Chef) & F. Kruta (Ubudu)

The power of data: enter the frictionless corporate mobility era
G. Delplanque (Sodexo), S. Marchon (Rydoo) & F. Montsauret (Uber4B) 

16:30 Pitch start-ups (6) Pitch start-ups (6)

Pitch start-ups (6)

16:50 MAIN STAGE – Tech for Better
Sophie Bellon, T.Harris (Center for Humane Technology) N.Vodianova (Elbi) & Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia)


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