The Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life: 2017 Retrospective

This Retrospective gives a flavour of the projects undertaken by the Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life during 2017 and shares insight from external research. Highlights from the Retrospective include:

  • research and publications: this year’s publications feature two reports from the Institute Dialogue series which explored two pressing issues for public health and tomorrow’s world of work:

  1. the social and economic costs of obesity in Latin America
  2. workforce Quality of Life in the advent of intelligent robotics

A further report published in 2017 is inspired by the eight-month journey of a French expert in intercultural relations who set out to explore quality of life across ten countries. Her insights were distilled into a report that provides a sample of the multiple interpretations and components of quality of life across cultures.

  • external conferences and seminars: the Institute spoke at a number of conferences and seminars this year exploring topics such as the impact of new technologies in the workplace at events organised by the Institut Esprit Service in Paris (the think-tank of the French employers’ union, MEDEF), InspireFest (a tech, science and arts festival) in Dublin, and the France-Ireland Chamber of Commerce.

  • 2017 Quality of Life insights and trends: the Institute looks mainly externally to gather and develop insights to advance our understanding of quality of life. Insight collected in 2017 from a variety of conferences and publications are presented in this chapter.


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The Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life

The Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life

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